Hoppers are adjusted to volumes, flows and products. With capacities ranging from 1 m3 to 150 m3, they will provide your equipment with the right pace.

Hoppers have to receive, delay and feed products that are processed on the line in a continuous way or intermittently. They give pace to work and regulate it according to the required flow rates. With capacities ranging from 1 m³ to 150 m³, our hoppers are adjusted to the volumes, outputs and products required.

Specific arrangements are made according to your products, the work to carry out and the particular needs of your company.


The chain hopper is used for heavy loads, to feed or create a buffer area. Its chain drive makes it possible to hold large capacities for high-density products.


The steel deck hopper is generally recommended for the transport of metals or other harsh and heavy substances, when belts cannot be used.


The regulating hopper is used prior to crushing, sorting or separating machines. Its regulation system and its motor-driven flow regulator facilitate the work of machines within the process. This is made possible thanks to the regulation of the flow for the goods to be transported and thanks to the regulation of the installation output.


The reception/unloading hopper is fed by machines (feeders, cranes, trucks) and allows storage of products in a buffer area before processing.