Our line of business :

For more than seventy years, Turbé, located in the North of France, has been manufacturing conveyors combining efficiency with your profitability. We design, manufacture, optimise and integrate your conveyors. From 3D-engineering to setting-up, from commissioning to maintenance follow-up.

Our mastery of the whole production chain enables us to meet the most specific and demanding requirements. We are specialised in production, sorting and recycling units. Our solutions adapt to various industrial environments and can easily fit into the already existing equipment.


We have a 4,000 m2 production plant available, so that we are able to work in an optimal way. All our products are analysed, designed, manufactured and assembled in our own plant. We carry out assembling, commissioning and full follow-up of our equipment. We also offer you preventive maintenance and assistance in the follow-up of your equipment so as to optimise your business at best and get the highest profitability. We operate everywhere in France and abroad.


Our team is at your disposal and responsive to your requirements. You entrust us with your project and we do everything to give you a tailor-made answer, dedicated to the transport of your products. In order to achieve this goal, we have high-performance 3D-software that enables us to study the feasibility of your project before it is carried out. To fully satisfy our clients, reactivity and flexibility are also at the heart of our company. Our assistance and our know-how enable us to manage the project from the beginning to its end.

Conveyor design and manufacturing requires a top-notch expertise.