We offer you turnkey solutions for full lines to process waste. We carry out the right transport, the right feeding and the reception of your raw materials within your processing system. This know-how secures your output and your productivity.

We set up for your project a team of specialists who are involved with passion and efficiency to fully satisfy your needs and bring you the best solution. From design to setting up, we assist you and follow all the steps while validating the implementation of your project, to guarantee you a high-quality and efficient equipment.


Turbé has become the specialist for recycling units. Our 3D-engineering, our experienced technicians and our ability to meet our clients’ needs have enabled us to deliver them high-performance facilities.

Our assistance, our follow-up, our maintenance service, our parts and accessories availability guarantee you a high-end equipment.


Sorting line – waste recovery from automotive shredders

Selective waste collection / sorting unit

Processing line for waste from selective collection. Transport, screening, optical sorting, manual sorting, removal of iron, storage for each product.

Aluminium/copper/metallic waste

Aluminium and copper shredding lines and metal separation.


Sorting unit for ordinary and special industrial waste: OIW / SRF / SIW.

Sludge treatment

Line for contaminated sludge treatment. Transport on belt conveyors, carbide-blade scrapers, sealing.

Tyre waste

Full lines to sort out tyres, unload lorries, skips, place into buffer areas. Full tyre-shredding lines.